The Duggars Help With Bible Translation and Video Game Development

The Duggars will soon be known for more than their large family and their TLC show "19 Kids & Counting." The bountiful family could soon be recognized for their help in Bible translation and video game development.

One of America's most popular conservative Christian families has partnered with The Seed Company, which claims to be the most rapidly growing Bible translation organization in the world.

This collaboration will have the Duggar kids and children around the world building Tanzanian villages from the ground up. This includes constructing churches, homes, churches, schools, clinics, markets, and other various forms of infrastructure.

Sound like a lot for kids? It's virtual.

MakaziVille is an online faith-based game for children 5 and older, designed to instill in children "a greater awareness of people groups around the world and to show how sharing God's Word in local languages can change individual lives, families, and entire communities," according to Mission Network News.

In partnership with the Duggar family, The Seed Company will help raise awareness and promote the need for Bible translation for people around the world. The game will also help children to use creativity, enhance decision making skills, help with knowledge of geography, and learn about diverse cultures and agriculture.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have been known to censor their children's media intake, but this is one game that Jim Bob approves.