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The Duggars of '19 Kids and Counting' Talk Bible as Their 'Owner's Manual' for Marriage Life

The Duggars of '19 Kids and Counting' Talk Bible as Their 'Owner's Manual' for Marriage Life

After having 19 children, Jim Bob Duggar of the TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting," admits that he still treats his wife Michelle as a queen and demonstrates his love to her through actions so his sons can take notice.

"I try to open doors for her, take care of her, I try to show her that I love her and that I cherish her," said Jim Bob, during an interview with The Huffington Post. "By me setting that example for my sons for how to treat a lady, that gives them the example how to treat their future wife, or girlfriend or fiancée."

The Duggars were joined by their 19 children, daughter-in-law and grandchildren during the interview in which they promoted their show's eighth season, set to premiere April 1.

In response to Jim Bob, Michelle said that their relationship is strong because of their evangelical faith and without it, their marriage would not be solid.

"Our faith is the core of our lives and God really is the one who came up with the idea of relationships, and marriage, love, and all of that," she explained.

Referring to the Bible as the "owner's manual" for her family's lives, she also added that they find all the answer to life's questions there.

As he continued speaking about his wife, Jim Bob also emphasized her physical beauty.

"People always tell Michelle, 'it must be easy for you to have all these babies,' but she's had different kinds of deliveries … she's so beautiful, she looks like she hasn't had any children ... I think having these children has made her look younger than most women her age," he said.

The Duggars also promoted their four older daughters' new book, Growing Up Duggar, where they write about their home's Christian rules when it comes to dating. The sisters also address eating disorders, dealing with secular media and their issues with sibling rivalry. Additionally, they explain that their lives entail more than what viewers watch on television.

"We talk about relationships with yourself … your country, your culture, parents, siblings, your friends," said Jill, 24 and the eldest of the daughters. "In our family, your relationship with God is the most important and everything else comes secondary."

Other topics of discussion also included Michelle's strategy for losing baby weight after each pregnancy as well as Jim Bob's take on Obamacare.

"We have Arkansas Blue Cross, and with that they just ask you, 'do you have children, yes or no,' so it's the same cost of insurance whether you have one child or 19,'" he said. "In the real world, there's nothing that's free … I hope they can disassemble this (Obamacare). It is important for everyone to have healthcare but the government being in charge is going to skyrocket the prices."

Josh, 26, the Duggars' oldest, interrupted, saying, "… I think the intentions are good but the wheels are coming off the gurney on Obamacare."


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