'The Elder Scrolls 6': How Long Will The Wait For Coveted Sequel Be?

Bethesda Game Studios expected to release two more 'major titles' prior to 'The Elder Scrolls 6'
BethesdaTwo other games from Bethesda Game Studios are expected to be released ahead of 'The Elder Scrolls 6'

There are important things fans need to know about "The Elder Scrolls 6," not the least of which is that it is not coming out anytime soon. But it's also important to note that the wait for this game really may take longer than what fans had previously expected.

The folks over at Bethesda have been very clear when it comes to the status of the sequel, which is very helpful.

First, fans can rest assured that this game will be made, that they really are waiting for something and that the next full-fledged "Elder Scrolls" offering will be released eventually and not go down as yet another popular piece of vaporware.

It's important that fans keep in mind that "The Elder Scrolls 6" will be made eventually, as over the course of the next few years, it's likely that rumors will start to surface hinting at the opposite - that the sequel they desperately want to play may never see the light of day.

Fans should already be settling in for an extended wait for the sequel.

As Bethesda vice president for PR and marketing Pete Hines has stated over and over again on Twitter, there are two big games coming out ahead of the next "Elder Scrolls" title. Hines even noted that the new "Elder Scrolls" game is not delayed, so these two games really are being prioritized by design.

Hines cleared things up further in a separate tweet, stating that the two "major titles" coming before the eagerly anticipated sequel are both being made by Bethesda Game Studios.

That could provide the best insight into how long the wait for the next "Elder Scrolls" installment will be, as it may take the aforementioned studio years to churn out those two "major titles."

Unless something unforeseen takes place over the next few years, it will be a while before any trace of "The Elder Scrolls 6" surfaces and fans may just have to get used to that.