'The Elder Scrolls Online' News: 'Clockwork City' DLC Pack Coming to PC/Mac Oct. 23, to Consoles on Nov. 7

New locations included in the upcoming DLC pack
Twitter courtesy of the Elder Scrolls OnlineThe 'Clockwork City' DLC pack will provide 'The Elder Scrolls Online' players with new locations to explore

The "Clockwork City" downloadable content pack is coming soon to "The Elder Scrolls Online," and developers just recently revealed exactly when the add-on will be made accessible.

As the developers shared recently, PC and Mac players can expect the DLC pack to unlock for them on Oct. 23. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait a little longer, as it will be released for their preferred platforms on Nov. 7.

The headline feature of the DLC pack is of course the new location known as the Clockwork City, which is divided into smaller sections.

Once players make it to the city, they will want to quickly find their way to the Brass Fortress. The majority of Clockwork City is not exactly welcoming to players, but things are different in the Brass Fortress since this section will serve as their temporary home away from home.

Beyond the Brass Fortress are dangerous locations that double as industrial marvels, such as the Mechanical Fundament, the Halls of Regulation and the Sanctuary of Verification.

Also located within Clockwork City is the place known as the Shadow Cleft. According to an earlier post on the game's official website, the Daedric Prince Nocturnal's realm, Evergloam, has a gateway located in the city, and that likely means this is a place "The Elder Scrolls Online" players will have to be prepared for.

The final section of Clockwork City is the Asylum Sanctorum, another place full of danger. The Sanctorum will likely be the most difficult part of the city for players to go through as it is home to the three Saints named Felms, Llothis and Olms, according to a separate post on the game's website. All three of these bosses will go after the players, though the only one that actually needs to be defeated is Olms.

More news about "The Elder Scrolls Online" and the "Clockwork City" DLC pack should be made available soon.