'The Enchanted Attic: Saving Moby Dick' Review: Fresh Take on Classic Whale Tale

In an upcoming twist on Herman Melville's 1851 classic, "The Enchanted Attic: Saving Moby Dick" will have young readers asking for more.

The new book is L.L. Samson's second installment to the "Enchanted Attic" series. Offering a fresh, modern look at "Moby Dick," the author continues the adventures of 14-year-old twins Linus and Ophelia.

Additionally, the twins' friend Walter returns in "Saving Moby Dick." The characters encounter Captain Ahab, straight out of the pages of "Moby Dick," when the grumpy old man appears in their basement.

The teenagers are shocked by the one-legged seaman who gripes and makes demands of them. They quickly realize his desire to take revenge on the whale that was responsible for the loss of his leg.

With only 60 hours to right Ahab's attitude, the teenagers are faced with unique problems all while trying to keep the secret attic hidden.

Captivating writing and a knack for storytelling, Samson's "Saving Moby Dick" introduces young readers to classic literature.

Although the illustrations are few, the black and white pictures guide readers' imaginations and help bring the story to life.

"Saving Moby Dick" will hit bookstands in September for just $7.99.

The first novel in the "Enchanted Attic" series, "Facing the Hunchback of Notre Dame," was released earlier this year.

Samson is the author of over 25 other books, including the Christy Award-winning novel "Songbird." Her novel, "Quaker Summer," was Christianity Today's novel of the year in 2008.

The author lives with her husband in Lexington, Kentucky.