The Fires of Anger

 This summer multiple fires have ravaged Yosemite National Park. At least two of the fires started as a result of lightning strikes. The cause of the most destructive fire, the Rim Fire, is still officially under investigation, but the Park Service has stated that a hunter started an illegal fire that spread quickly, burning out of control. This small fire – that a hunter considered manageable – has now burned over 250,000 acres.

Just a single flame in the wrong place and at the wrong time can quickly turn into a blazing inferno. Anger, too, hidden deep in the heart can work the same way. When hurt, injustice, fear or frustration smolder followed by the dry, hot winds of disappointment or stress, an angry inferno can quickly develop. If you find yourself losing your cool frequently, examine your heart to see if a deeper wound exists that gives rise to your anger. Fires of anger normally rise from …