'The Flash' Season 3 News, Updates, Spoilers: Barry Fesses Up To 'Post-Flashpoint' Changes; Caitlin To Become Killer Frost?

Photo: CW/SpoilerTV/Promotional PhotosThe Flash Season 3, showing Barry Allen (Grant Justin) and Julian Albert (Tom Felton)

It's mistake after mistake for everyone's favorite speedster, Barry Allen (played by Grant Justin), in "The Flash" Season 3. First, he messed up with the present timeline by going back into the past to save his mother and consequently creating an alternate universe called "Flashpoint". Then, he decided that this alternate timeline was not worth it after all, so he has Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher) to proceed killing his mother to revert back to his timeline. But then, The Flash returned to a mucked-up version of the present timeline as an inevitable consequence (and reminder): nothing good ever comes out of changing the past.

Recap of "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 2: Paradox

"The Flash" Season 3 Episode 2, "Paradox", dealt with all of that. Barry discovered that Iris West Allen (Candice Patton) and her dad Joe (Jesse Martin) were not in good terms, while Cisco Ramon's (Carlos Valdez) brother Dante died in this post-Flashpoint timeline. But instead of trying to mess up the past (again), Barry Allen fessed up to his selfish mistakes and resolved to make things right in this timeline.

For the most part, "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 3 saw Barry Allen going about and figuring out what other changes transpired to the present timeline. Apart from its effects on Iris, Joe and Cisco, the three biggest changes involved Caitlin, Barry's new roommate Julian Albert, and the Rival Flash.

Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), for one, had developed frost powers in this post-Flashpoint timeline. It's yet unknown whether she'll turn out to be an ally or a rogue (though it's not hard to imagine Doctor Alchemy trying to turn her in the process). Julian Albert (Tom Felton), on the other hand, is Barry's new lab partner who immediately takes a disliking to The Flash.

Meanwhile, Edward Clariss (Todd Lasance) - who had been the Rival Flash in the Flashpoint universe - was having visions of his past as a speedster. In his visions, Doctor Alchemy urged him to come find him and to offer help on how to return to his former superhuman glory.

Spoilers for "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 3: 'Magenta'

But it turns out that there may be more good to this post-Flashpoint universe than there is bad. Spoilers for "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 3, "Magenta", will reunite Barry Allen with Earth 2-Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Jesse (Violett Beane). However, it looks like Wells is more concerned about convincing Jesse to stop using her speedster powers to keep her safe. Meanwhile, "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 3 will also introduce Magenta (Joey King), a new meta who can control meta.

"The Flash" Season 3 Episode 3 will air on Oct. 18, Tuesday, on CW.