'The Following' Season 2 Spoilers, Rumors: Claire Lives, How Will Joe and Ryan React?

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"The Following" is back on FOX this Monday with its latest installment entitled "Teacher's Pet," and fans are wondering what lies ahead for Agent Hardy.

Last week saw the highest body count of the season yet, with three major characters getting killed off. Although the audience did not see much of Lily Gray, Joe was able to plot a successful takeover of Micah's cult, all while informing the public that he is very much alive.

In an even more shocking turn of events, Claire Matthews returned to "The Following" after she was supposedly stabbed to death in season one's finale. While Mike Weston knew about Claire all along, Ryan and Joe have yet to learn that their mutual love is still alive, leaving the audience poised in suspense.

Furthermore, fans are speculating over a romance between Max and Mike, especially after she walked in on the naked FBI agent last week. Shawn Ashmore, who portrays Weston on the series, recently opened up his character while speaking to TV Guide. He even compared the death of Weston's character to that of Claire during season one.

"Mike, even from the very first episode, has sort of been in transition," the actor explained to TV Guide. "It's one big arc … When Weston's dad is killed in front of him is very similar to Ryan losing Claire. It's certainly on that scale."

Ashmore went on to describe the significance of the death on "The Following."

"I think it's sort of the final straw that makes these guys even emotionally," he said. "If we were keeping tallies of what's happened to these guys, how much they've lost and how much pain they've gone through. Ryan watched Claire being killed right in front of him, and now Weston sees his dad killed right in front of his eyes."

Meanwhile, the synopsis for this week's episode "Teacher's Pet" is as follows: "Joe attains more power over the Korban cult while Ryan and Max try to track him down. Meanwhile, Weston reunites with someone from his past."

"The Following" airs at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.