'The Following' Season 2 Spoilers: Ryan Moves Closer to Joe, Victory Near?

(PHOTO:REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi)Cast member Kevin Bacon arrives at the premiere of "X-Men: First Class" in New York City May 25, 2011.

"The Following" fans are on the edge of their seat after last week when Ryan Harding got closer than ever to capturing Joe Carroll.

With just three episodes left in the season, "The Following" returns to Fox tonight with an installment entitled "The Reaping." The episode will pick up on Mandy's shocking death, including Joe's reaction, since the death happened at Lily's orders via Mark and Luke. Moreover, "The Reaping" will delve deeper in Lily's ruthlessness, while Joe tries to relay his message to Kingston Tanner via Tanner's son..

Earlier this year, Kevin Bacon revealed insight to season two in relation to his character, Ryan Hardy. Consequently, the actor provided possible spoilers on what is to come toward the season two finale.

"Well, a lot of the comments last year were about people wanting me to have a few more wins," Bacon explained of his former FBI agent character, according to TV Line. "I kept getting beaten up, bad guys kept getting away from me, to the point where it got a little bit like, 'Come on.' So we've tried to give him a bit more success every once in a while, because you want the hero to have a little success."

Nevertheless, Bacon staunchly stands by both his characters successes and failures.

"I like all the f--- ups," the actor laughingly admitted, according to TV Line. "But I think that for Kevin [Williamson], in terms of the overall arc of the character, [greater success] is what he really wanted to go for."

The actor also teased about "another level" of deception that his character is capable of, offering the cryptic spoiler: "Down the line, you think you know that he's pretending to be this person, but he actually IS this person- but the person he actually us, is ALSO kind of a pretense."

"We still have all the scares and the intensity, but there's more stuff going on character-wise," Bacon added of season two.

Meanwhile, the synopsis for this week's "The Reaping" is as follows: "Ryan hopes to kidnap Joe from the Korban compound. Elsewhere, Carrie is asked to deliver a message to Joe; and Weston makes a life-changing decision."

"The Following" airs at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.