Brandon Set to Meet New Love Interest in 'The Fosters' Season 5?

Brandon (David Lambert) is close to getting his life back in the upcoming season of "The Fosters." Will it involve a new love interest?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Peter Paige revealed that Brandon and the music therapist he met in the previous season might start a romantic relationship.

Facebook/TheFostersTVBrandon starts living again in the next season of "The Fosters."

After his breakup with Cortney (Denyse Tontz), David opted to stay away from girls. Still, trouble found him when Jesus' (Noah Centineo) girlfriend became attracted to him. The EP said that Brandon's storyline would once again focus on his studies, and perhaps, his love life. He also talked about the character's mindset for season 5.

"I think he is on reset. Last season in the finale, Brandon had the moment of crisis, the moment of looking at his choices and having to decide what kind of person he intends to be, and this season has been that a little for him. He's been a little retreated, he's been a little bit pulled into his shell trying to figure out how to navigate the choices he's made. That feels very true and very real, and season 5 is sort of about him poking his neck out of his shell again," Paige shared with EW.

Meanwhile, Brandon's ex-girlfriend and foster sister, Callie (Maia Mitchell), is facing another monumental hurdle in her young life. During the finale, she found herself in the hands of a pimp. Callie was not supposed to be captured by Diamond (Hope Olaide Wilson). She just sacrificed herself to save another girl. Callie's determination to help other people has landed her in another precarious situation. Her parents have no way of knowing where she is.

Aside from the human trafficking plot, Callie's trial will also be one of the focuses in season 5. Spoilers report that she may end up behind bars due to her felony charge.

"The Fosters" season 5 will premiere on Tuesday, July 11, at 8 p.m. EDT on Freeform.