'The Gifted' Season 2 Spoilers, Cast News: Skyler Samuels Promoted to Series Regular

(Photo: FOX)Skyler Samuels as Emma Frost in a still from "The Gifted" midseason finale, "eXploit."

Fans will be seeing more of telepathic mutant Emma Frost and her sisters in "The Gifted" season 2.

According to TVLine, Skyler Samuels is being considered to be promoted to series regular in the second season of the "X-Men" series.

The actress then confirmed this to the abovementioned publication during the Television Critics Association winter press tour, saying that "you'll be seeing lots more of me and my sisters next season."

The news comes just a few days after "The Gifted" was renewed for a second season although there is no word yet on how many episodes it will be.

Prior to the big cast news, "The Gifted" showrunner Matt Nix talked about the star's excellent performance on the show. The character was part of the biggest twist in the first season and will impact how the show goes on for sure.

They work out everything, and the other actresses are giving real performances within a scene. If Skyler shoots a look to her sister, she's shooting a look to a person who's acting and interacting. And they study each others' mannerisms so if one actress raises her hand at a moment, Skyler will reproduce that action so you get a much more seamless performance — and one that doesn't just look like they split [the video three ways].

"The Gifted" will wrap up its first season this week with a two-hour finale. Emma Dumont teased to TV Guide that the season-ender will explore a bit of Lorna's relationship with his father, the "X-Men" villain Magneto.

Dumont reveals that she knows who her father is, but she is not in the least bit happy about his absent throughout her life.

He was never around, which is really, really sad and heartbreaking and terrible. We find out in the finale that he made gestures to her throughout her life.

It almost seems like to her that he didn't want to be involved in her upbringing and yet he, for some reason, expects her to follow is in footsteps. That's so rude, that's so mean. "How dare you to expect me to become like you when you couldn't even change a diaper? When you couldn't even show up to my graduation? When you had nothing to do with me? When you were never there when I needed you? And now you expect me to be the princess of the mutants, some royalty, or you daughter, your princess daughter?" It makes her upset.

"The Gifted" season 1 finale airs Jan. 15 on FOX.