'The Good Doctor' Season 1 Spoilers: Executive Producer David Shore Previews Dr. Shaun Murphy's 'Little Journey'

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Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) will be back for the back half of "The Good Doctor" season 1, but he will need to do a little soul-searching first.

This much was revealed by executive producer David Shore while speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the events of the midseason finale. 

"Well, he's gonna disappear," Shore confirmed. "He is gone and hasn't just rented another apartment. He is gone and not sure what he wants to do. He has to find those answers and he will go on a little journey."

It can be recalled that the midseason finale, titled "Sacrifice," saw Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) getting too involved in Dr. Murphy's personal life. This led to Dr. Murphy breaking down and vanishing.

The episode also saw Dr. Murphy demonstrate his skills and medical acumen. The doctor does not make many errors, but Shore warns not to get too used that. Dr. Murphy will commit some mistakes down the road, and some may even be crucial.

"I think we have to, and we already have seen him make mistakes and he has to continue to make mistakes, otherwise the victories become false," Shore said of Dr. Murphy giving wrong diagnoses. "We want to play him fully dimensional with great strengths but he has weaknesses as well. He will be wrong, just like we all would be."

These strengths and weaknesses will continue to be explored in "The Good Doctor," while also casting light on Dr. Murphy's autism. Shore also previewed more "cutting-edge medical technology" being introduced in the series.

"The Good Doctor" is currently on a midseason break, but the show will be back in January. A promo video for its return has been released, though the clip does not offer any new footage. Regardless, fans are likely looking forward to seeing Dr. Murphy and the rest of the staff at St. Bonaventure Hospital back at it again.

Season 1 of "The Good Doctor" resumes on Monday, Jan. 8, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.