'The Good Wife' Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers: Alicia's Love Life to Take a Backseat, Will She Run for State's Attorney?

The evening of Aug. 25 proved to be a good one for Julianna Marguilies as she won her second Emmy for lead actress in a drama award for her role as Alicia in "The Good Wife."

(Photo: Facebook/Julianna Margulies)Actress Julianna Margulies of CBS' 'The Good Wife.'

Marguilies spoke about how her character has evolved throughout the show's run, and the actress shared some tidbits about what's in store for Alicia in the upcoming season.

"I love where they are going with [Alicia]. I think that is the luxury of doing 22 episodes a year—we get to do a real slow development of where these people are and it is constantly peeling layers. So she's getting a little tougher and she's getting a drier sense of humor and able to take herself seriously," Marguilies told reporters.

When asked about whether Alicia will have a new love interest, the actress replied, "It's a slippery slope, so I love this constant dilemma she has. She's always wondering if she's doing the right thing yet she's so sure of herself. It's a very fun role to play."

"I love how she's evolved, I really do. She could use a little more love in her life eventually … it will probably be a while before you see her in the sack again, is my guess." said Marguilies.

Perhaps Alicia's love life is taking a backseat for now as she focuses on her career. Earlier this year, it was reported that Alicia could run for state's attorney.

The show's executive producer, Robert King, spoke to TVLine last May and said that initially, Alicia will think that Eli's idea of her running for office is "the stupidest idea she's ever heard," but eventually, she will come to realize that it actually makes a lot of sense and "there are going to be events that push Alicia to consider this idea more seriously."

"The Good Wife" will premiere its sixth season on Sept. 21 on CBS.