'The Greatest Miracle' Releases in Theaters Nationwide (VIDEO)

Producer Pablo Jose Barroso and Dos Corazones Productions' new animated feature "The Greatest Miracle," offering a message of hope and faith, has been released nationwide in theaters Friday.

A press release for the movie provided details on its story and theme. The movie follows three individuals who are all experiencing trials and tribulations. All of them soon find themselves at the same Catholic Mass, where they experience an amazing turn of events. The story is backed up by themes of hope, faith and overcoming one's problems.

“The Greatest Miracle” was directed by Bruce M. Morris. Oscar-nominee Mark McKenzie, who orchestrated the score for "Dances with Wolves," wrote the score for the film and Pablo Jose Barroso served as the film's producer.

Impressions and reviews of the film have been positive thus far. The Most Rev. David Ricken, Bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay, located in Wisconsin, thoroughly praised the film in a statement.

"The Greatest Miracle draws the viewer into the Mass by artistically portraying what we as Catholics believe to be taking place, but what we as humans are incapable of perceiving with our earthly senses," he said. "May we take from The Greatest Miracle an exhortation to participate more fully and more regularly in the Mass -- a tremendous gift to the Church and indeed, to all humanity."

"The musical score is absolutely beautiful; an audible feast that added a great deal to the overall impact of the film," said Randy Sly for Catholic Online. "The film fulfills its mission, helping people embrace the Eucharist with more of their heart, soul, mind and strength.

Tim Drake, writer for the National Catholic Register, stated that he "found the depiction of the Communion of the Saints, the juxtaposition of Christ on the Cross and the Eucharist, and the beautiful portrayal of the Blessed Mary Virgin moving."

This film, rated PG, can be seen in 63 cities across the country. The select movie theaters, locations and showtimes for the film can be found on its website.

Below is a trailer for this new animated feature: