The Holidays 2017: Three Tech Toys to be Popular Christmas Presents for Kids this Year

Spin MasterSpin Master's BB8 Hero-Droid is expected to be one of the most popular tech toys this Christmas

As the days inch closer to Christmas Day, more and more parents are already buying toys as presents for their kids. However, it is expected that tech toys will be the most popular and appreciated gifts for kids in the upcoming holiday season.

While most kids these days prefer video/electronic games, there are many who still prefer toys that have their own physical shape. Thanks to the advancements in technology, toys these days are far different and better from what parents of today played with when they were still kids.

The Christmas season is the time of year when profits of toy companies soar. However, this year, it is said that tech-toys will be the most popular among kids, including Spin Master's BB-8 Hero Droid. While there are a lot of toys that are based on the said "Star Wars" character, the life-like scale of the new BB-8 does not only look like the real thing but moves like the one in the movies, too, as he can be set in Follow Me mode, commanded through voice or a remote control. Without question, the BB-8 Hero Droid is one great Christmas gift not only for a child but even for adult die-hard "Star Wars" fans.

Another tech toy that is expected to be popular with children this Christmas season is the Mecca Spider. This toy's engineering, programming, and mischief are rolled into one, making it one of the most entertaining items for kids this Christmas. The spider-like toy vehicle can be controlled with its onboard buttons or via an app that can customize its behavior, such as spraying a small jet of water at any intruders when setting on guard mode.

For girls, Hatchnimals are still expected to repeat its feat last year when it posted a record of being the sell-out tech toy last year. This year's version, though, has the egg slowly hatching not just one but two animatronic animals inside it by following specific color codes to get it ready to hatch.