1 Percent of All Global Web-Browsing Done on iPad

NetMarketShare recently published a web analytics report on the global market share of web browsers revealing impressive results that well-captured the changing times in the internet industry.

Apparently, the iPad as of June 2011 accounts for 1 percent of the total web browsing activity done in our globe. This is another significant milestone for Apple, whose iOS powered devices – iPhone, iPod, iPad – accounted for 2 percent of the global web browsing activity at the beginning of the year.


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To that, NetMarketShare added that the iPad accounts for 2.1 percent of all web browsing done in the U.S. The figures are impressive, but what adds a spice of amazement to this is the fact that Apple achieved this feat in only 2 months. Now that everyone's talking and buying a tablet it seems as if the magical device has been around for years, but it was just launched in March of last year if you recall.

Since then, we've had a second iPad released and rumors about a third one already in the making. It took Steve Jobs and his company only 14 months to own 2 percent of the US internet and 1 percent of the worldwide Internet.

Such feats remind me of the world's richest man, Carlos Slim, whose fortune last year equaled to 6 percent of the entire GDP of his country, Mexico.

Apple's, however, is just stunning doing 1 percent of the entire world.

If Steve Jobs would've known beforehand that all of what he went through – having his idea stolen by Microsoft allegedly, being fired from the company he founded, and more – would essentially contribute to reaching this point, I don't think he would've thought twice. I don't even think he ever did.

Today, the “A”in Apple stands for Applause.