'The Last Ship' Season 5 Spoilers: World to Witness Another Bloody Revolution

Facebook/TheLastShipTNTPromotional photo of TNT's TV series "The Last Ship"

The world will have to be prepared for another bloody revolution in the next season of "The Last Ship."

Spoilers for the new installment indicate that humanity is going to face another upheaval so soon after the Red Rust. It has been teased that there is going to be a time jump when the premiere episode airs next year.

Bridget Regan, who plays Sasha, revealed to TVLine, that the world rehabilitation following the spread of the deadly plague would not be featured in the new storyline. Instead, viewers would get to see the survivors enjoying a brief respite before another threat looms on the horizon.

"In Season 5 we again jump ahead quite a lot in time, as we did for Season 4, which I liked. It shows that the writers are only showing you the really exciting stuff that's happening in that world. The actual nuts and bolts of spreading the new healthy crop, feeding people... we skip ahead past that until we come up against our next big challenge," Regan said.

The trailer for season 5 provides a glimpse of the new enemy that the American Navy will face. A leader from the Latino community will start a revolution designed to put their race on top of the food chain. He has built an army of loyal followers who will fight for the cause.

In the clip, the group will give the Navy a taste of its power by launching a cyber attack that will cripple one of the American satellite. Soon after, a bunch of fighter jets is sent to bring terror to people attending an important US event.

Chandler (Eric Dane) and his team will be on red alert for the Latino group's next attack. Sasha will be sent to scout for information. She is shown attending a party hosted by the mobster. In the clip, the leader wastes no time calling out the discrimination that the Latin American community has experienced for years.

"The Last Ship" season 5 is expected to air next year on TNT.