'The Last Testament' Grossly Misinterprets the Sanctity of the Bible

A new tell all memoir of God has been written discussing the Father's innermost thoughts and secrets - except in this book God did not pen the words.

The Last Testament: A Memoir by God, was written by former "Daily Show" executive producer David Javerbaum, where he writes as if he was the voice of God.

To no surprise the book has drawn ire from Christians everywhere for the blasphemous claims and wild stories of God portrayed in the book, with even some retailers refusing to sell the book.

The book was released on All Saints Day, and has 53,000 followers on Twitter.

"This book was not written primarily to be polemic. It was written to sell a lot of copies and become a best-seller," Javerbaum said, according to Urbanchristiannews.com. "People in this country who don't believe in God or don't know if there's a God or not are made to feel so uncomfortable. It's nice to have a weapon available now that just mocks the other side."

Media Research Center president Brent Bozell isn't laughing at the situation. "Anyone who actually believed in God or the apparently archaic concept of blasphemy wouldn't be so eager to take the Lord's name in vain with such gleeful abandon. Such is the dreadful state of our top publishing houses."

Simon & Schuster publishes the book in the U.S. but the British branch of the company will not, while companies like Walmart and Target will only sell copies online.

Javerbaum twisted around portions of the Bible in an attempt to be funny or make fun of the story. Some examples of this are Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed because the cities were filled with money laundering schemes and operations, while Goliath was portrayed as an advocate for animal cruelty who mistakenly was killed by David.

Other jabs in the book become highly offensive as "God" pokes fun at the Jews, the Holocaust, the crucifixion, and what Jesus did with his recreational time as a teen.