The Legend of Zelda Meets Diablo Indie Game: Hyper Light Drifter Gains Momentum on Kickstarter

Hyper Light Drifter may look a lot like the Legend of Zelda, but this 2D RPG by game developer Heart Machine is something special and totally different. said the game plays like the best parts of the Zelda series while also feeling like the game Diablo.

"Hyper Light Drifter is a 2D Action RPG in the vein of the best 8-bit and 16-bit classics with modernized mechanics and designs on a much grander scale," Heart Machine's site says.

The game starter with a relatively small Kickstarter campaign for a video game, $27,000. However, the game took off online and now that number has grown to over $364,000 raised since its start on September 12.

The game was originally slated to be an independent release for the computer, but now supporters of the game are clamoring for the game to be on the Wii U, which is a possibility if the game reaches $500,000.

"We've had a lot of request for Wii U support. We hear you! It's a platform that deserves some love, and we're currently in talks with Nintendo directly on the subject. I think if we can reach the $500,000 goal it will be possible -- though keep in mind that any new platform costs a fair amount of money and time to QA and port over/translate, with their own set of requirements, so it's not as simple as one would hope. We'll keep everyone updated as we continue to push for this gem of a platform," Heart Machine said on their Kickstarter.

There are only 12 days to go for the Hyper Light Drifter game to raise that final $200,000, and with the way they had rapidly grown, it is quite possible.

Levels of support for the game start with $10 - $1,400. Rewards range from early copies of the game, special t-shirts, in game character design, a signed scroll, and meet up at the release party.

View trailer for the game here.

To support Hyper Light Drifer, view the Kickstarter here.