The Little Mermaid Second Screen App Breaks Rules of Theater

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(PHOTO: Screencap-Youtube)The Little Mermaid Second Screen.

 Disney is re-releasing The Little Mermaid in theaters on September 13, and the studio is asking children to play games on their iPad during the film.

Just in time for the movie they managed to make the Disney Second Screen Live app that will let people interact with the film on their Apple device.

The app will lead sing-alongs with the music in the film, give behind the scenes information, and allow viewers to compete against other people in theater according to Yahoo!

So far only 16 theaters across the U.S. are involved.

Theater purists and film goers are not too pleased with the application as it violates the unwritten rule of staying quiet and keeping distracting lights off during a film for the courtesy of those around you.

"Imagine a theater full of children, with everyone looking down at a bright screen instead of watching the movie," wrote PAR editor Ben Kuchera according Yahoo!. "Let's hope that the app is silent or you'll be dealing with hundreds of speakers all playing music with different timing, or at different volumes. Hellish."

The trailer for the film and app has over 100,000 views with 139 thumbs up compared to an overwhelming 861 thumbs down. It seems the general public agrees.

Disney began implementing their Second Screen two years ago as they experimented with it on certain home video releases including: Bambi, Tron Legacy, The Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Lion King.

They tried out a live theater Second Screen test with the Nightmare Before Christmas last fall.