'The Love Dare Day by Day' Devotional for Couples Promises to Deepen and Transform Marriages

"The Love Dare Day by Day" yearlong couples book will be released in hardback Sept. 1, and will work to transform and deepen marriages.

The book is written by filmmakers and best-selling authors Stephen and Alex Kendrick, and will also link readers to a free online marriage evaluation resource.

"We launched a website called LoveDareTest.com, where people can take a free marriage or parenting evaluation. It will then show them how they are doing and here's some verses where you can begin to focus in to make you stronger," Stephen Kendrick told The Christian Post.

"You're about to learn more about yourself and your marriage -- some of it encouraging, some convicting," Alex Kendrick told readers on their site. "In either case, you gain a new view of where you are with your marriage and with God."

"The Love Dare Day by Day -- A Year of Devotion for Couples" joins the international phenomenon of "The Love Dare" with nearly 6 million copies sold. "The Love Dare Day by Day" uses 52 biblically based "dares," one for each week of the year, and challenges married partners to participate in unconditional love. Daily devotions amplify each dare's scriptural base.

"Our marriages reveal our need to grow and deal with our own issues and selfishness," Stephen Kendrick said in a release. "But if we are teachable, we can learn the single most important lesson in life -- to love. One powerful union, our marriage, invites us to learn to love another imperfect person unconditionally. It's wonderful, it's difficult and it's life-changing."

The new book will feature a reading for everyday, 52 dares, prayers to pray over your spouse, questions to promote creative thinking between spouses, and 100 "Go Deeper" sections for Bible study.

On July 1, the Kendrick brothers released, "The Love Dare for Parents" as the follow up to their critically acclaimed first book, "The Love Dare."

In addition to their books, films, and online tests, the brothers want to grow the Christian film business.

"We've launched KendrickBrothers.com. We can collaborate, we can help them, they can help us. We want to pour into the next generation of Christian filmmakers. We feel like God has intrusted a lot into us and we don't want to sit on it and be selfish. We want to think long term on how we can help this next generation of Christian filmmakers to make a big impact for God," Stephen said.