The Love Good Music Campaign Helps Catholic Artists Gain Recognition Through Crowd Funding

The Love Good Music campaign launched today on the web and will feature a national summer tour where the fans will become an A&R of sorts to scout talent and promote artists who are of the Catholic denomination.

"In centuries past, Church leaders and wealthy individuals would often decide the destiny of an artist whether it was music, art or poetry," stated Mysterium Records President Jimmy Mitchell, the campaign's designer on Christian newswire. "More recently, record labels could make or break an artist, but now, it's the Catholic laity- the regular music fans- who can decide what artists have a shot. This campaign is a huge stride for the New Evangelization!"

The campaign will use crowd funding as a means of raising capital for the project taking investments as low as $10 a month to get exclusive music samplings from up and coming artists before their music is on iTunes or Spotify.

Fans will also be able to use their access to provide advice and critique the artists, playing in a major part of their decision making.

"I've worked closely with some amazing artists and we haven't even scratched the surface of talent that's out there," said Mitchell. "The Love Good Music Campaign- together with our patrons' direct input- could produce a whole new generation of recording artists whose work focuses on the good, the beautiful and the truth. It's an amazing way to impact the culture with faith and it's never been done before."

Mitchell is no stranger to the music industry as he has worked in tour management with Matt Maher and booked shows with Eric Genuis. He has also produced special projects with Colleen Nixon, Kevin Heider, and Chris Cole all through the Mysterium Records label, which has "distributed nearly 30,000 copies of several music projects by independent artists across the world."

The record company has set out a 40 city tour through the U.S. to bring artists together in support of the campaign.