The Media's Love Affair with Obama

It's getting tough to keep track of all the scandals that have emerged since Obama has become president. Last year his EPA head, Lisa Jackson, was caught using a fake email under the name "Richard Windsor" so FOIA requests wouldn't find her. She left her post. Then we had Benghazi. Fast and the Furious is still ongoing. Or what about the Black Panthers? Or maybe the ongoing wiretapping/email reading? Or maybe the IRS scandal? Or the latest one about how the EPA stands accused of waiving FOIA fees for Liberal groups but not for Conservative ones? Or the emerging insider trading scandal involving Government insiders and Medicare?

Even the most hardened Obama-hater would have difficultly keeping track of all the scandals.

Even the most overly manufactured scandals involving the Bush administration couldn't match, for sheer number, what we're now seeing under Obama.

So the question is: Why?

The answer's easy: Obamabots didn't want to see the truth about their Savior and the Press surrendered their 4th Estate duties when a half-black ran against a woman.

The American public hasn't had any serious coverage or critical examination of American Democratic politics since the primaries back in 2007.

Hillary Clinton groused about the unfair coverage… Saturday Night Live did a skit about it but it's the American public who got the short end of the stick.

Journalists (not JournoLists) are supposed to take a highly critical eye towards politicians and dig deep and come up with some dirt.

Except for Conservative blogs and some magazines, this has not happened with Obama and it's allowed a monster to go wild.

Politicians always seek as much power as possible. Government grows as much as possible. Only citizens and journalists have the power to limit growth.

But this monster was allowed to grow so large because Obama's supporters who were so critical of Bush stayed silent. Now, with the latest spying revelations the cat is out of the bag. But, in the end, it is the press and Obamabots who are to blame.

Hope and Change, indeed.

Harrison Price is the owner and editor of