'The Mentalist' Season 6 Spoilers: Another Jump in Time and Jane's Future 'Not Entirely Up to Himself'

Fans of CBS hit drama "The Mentalist" are used to time jumps within the timeline of the show. The show has already skipped ahead several years, and fans are about to experience another lurch forward in time. Read on to see what show creator Bruno Heller and star Simon Baker have to say about upcoming "Mentalist" episodes, but be cautious of spoilers.

TV Guide has reported that "The Mentalist" timeline will advance three months between the next two episodes, entitled, "My Blue Heaven" and "Green Thumb."

The show's creator, Bruno Heller has provided some spoilers about the upcoming episodes, in addition to the information about the time jump. According to Heller, in "My Blue Heaven" Jane's life is about to get more complicated.

"You can't go around killing people willy-nilly without some sort of ramification. Jane is going to be in a position where his personal desires are not the point. ... What he does in the future is not going to be entirely up to himself," Heller told TV Line.

The actor who plays Jane, Simon Baker, has also revealed a few spoilers about his character, particularly what is in store for Jane in the episode after "My Blue Heaven," entitled "Green Thumb."

"We're going to have some fun putting Jane into an entirely different work environment. He'll not only find his spark again - he'll have a whole lot of new people to rub the wrong way!" Simon Baker said to TV Guide.

"The Mentalist" airs on CBS on Sundays at 10 p.m.