The Mentalist Season 6 Spoilers: Red John Revealed, But Do We Believe It?

Be warned, this article contains major spoilers for the most recent episode of "The Mentalist" as well as future episodes.

On this past Sunday's episode of "The Mentalist" Red John was revealed, as Jane figured out that the man who killed his family was Gale Bertram. However can we trust that the reveal is true? For spoilers and insight into that question from "The Mentalist" writer Jordan Harper, read on.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Harper was asked if Bertram is the real Red John. The writer was tight-lipped on the subject, which in itself is indication that Bertram might not be Red John.

"You'll have to watch and see, but with The Mentalist, there's always another twist," Harper said.

Harper also provided TV Guide with some information about next week's all new episode. Though Harper was not too revealing, he did indicated that audiences can look forward to finding out what the explosions in Jane's house will be about.

The explosions "will be addressed," he said.

One thing is for sure, audiences will get more information about Tiger Tiger in upcoming episodes.

"I really wanted to lay out with [the Tiger Tiger] scene exactly how a dirty cop who is not a Red John acolyte could come to help a serial killer. And so I wanted to do my best to paint a portrait of a conflicted man who's in over his head, which I think would be a lot of these guys in the Tiger Tiger organization. Even if they're not good people -- and they are, to a man, not good people -- that doesn't mean that they are serial killers. But once you're in deep, you're in deep. It's as close to a mutual trust society as a mutual distrust society in a lot of ways," the writer said to TV Guide.