'The Mick' Season 1 Episode 12: Mickey Teaches Chip How to Be a Man on 'The Wolf'

Mick (Kaitlin Olson) teaches her growing nephew, Chip (Thomas Barbusca), some life lessons in the next episode of FOX's new comedy series, "The Mick." But will her ways turn things for the better or for the worst for Chip?

YouTube/FOXA screenshot of Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) and Chip (Thomas Barbusca) from the next episode of “The Mick.”

In the episode titled, "The Wolf," the middle Pemberton child is growing up and is inching his way into the dating scene. But when he meets a girl online, who seems to have the intention of scamming him, his aunt Mickey comes to the rescue to teach him some tricks on how not to be a meek-looking sheep who is easily duped, but instead be like a wolf whose mere presence demands respect from his peers.

But can a boy, who prefers backing down to inciting conflict, and who has always been particular about keeping a presentable image at all times, really change his ways under Mick's mentorship? And what will he gain from it in the end?

The official synopsis for the upcoming episode also mentions the eldest Pemberton, Sabrina (Sofia Black-D'Elia) and her concerns about her boyfriend, Kai (Andy Favreau), possibly turning into Jimmy's (Scott MacArthur) protégée. Kai has taken the habit of mirroring the not-so-flattering ways of Mick's sort-of beau, and Sabrina will not take well to it. She plans an intervention to get Kai out of Jimmy's influence, but will she be able to do it on her own, or will she end up turning to Mickey for a little help?

Meanwhile, the youngest Pemberton, Ben (Jack Stanton) seems to be going through a different phase now that he has gotten over his preference for female clothing. The official promo for the episode shows him wearing what looks like fluffy dinosaur feet and a pet collar, and looking like he has just taken on a non-human identity. What could the precocious boy be up to now?


"The Mick" returns on air with episode 12 on Tuesday, March 21 at 8:31 p.m. EDT on FOX.