'The Moment'- New Reality Series Poised to Uplift, Attract Christians

A new series "The Moment" has been heralded as a game-changer in today's reality television culture and will make is premiere on USA tonight.

The network's unscripted original series hosted by former NFL star Kurt Warner will appeal to anyone who has even dreamed of a second chance to live their dream.

The Christian Post was able to screen one of the nine upcoming episodes of "The Moment" during webcast conference on Wednesday in New York City.

In it, a Southern California teacher named Vince was able to fully realize his dream to coach college football. After losing his father and deciding to move home to take care of his mother, Vince had abandoned his career in football- until a second chance arrived on "The Moment."

Based on the fact that a majority of Americans are dissatisfied in the jobs and that very few are living their dreams, "The Moment" offers ordinary people the opportunity to do what they have always wanted to do.

In a surprise of a lifetime, each week Warner will appear at the doorstep of one nominee with a unique offer. Depending on the career they have always dreamed of- from a college football coach to a racecar driver- Warner will provide the tools and expert mentors needed to work toward rewriting the story of their lives.

Providing nine people with a second chance at their lifelong dreams, "The Moment" is complete with strong undertones of God's plan and a commitment to family.

In the series premiere of "The Moment" on Thursday, Tracie Marcum will train with famed sports photographer Lou Jones as she strives to fulfill her dream of being a photographer for Sports Illustrated.

The series will air on USA Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST.

Warner is an outspoken Christian who has won awards for his work both on and off the football field. His 12-year career in the NFL is considered one of the greatest stories in the NFL's history.