The Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities in America; Do You Live in One? (INFOGRAPHIC)

American Bible Society

By looking at levels of regular Bible reading and residents' belief in the accuracy of the Scriptures, American Bible Society ranked 100 cities to come up with their second annual list of America's Most Bible-Minded Cities.

The Bible Belt stays firmly fastened with Chattanooga, Tenn. coming in at the No. 1 spot. Birmingham, Ala.; Roanoke, Va.; Springfield, Mo.; and Shreveport, La. round out the top five.

The least "Bible-minded" city is Providence, R.I. Others at the bottom of the list include Boston, Mass.; Albany, N.Y.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and San Francisco.

"An analysis of interaction with and views of the Bible continues to help us evaluate the Bible landscape in America," says Geoffrey Morin, Chief Communication Officer of American Bible Society. "To help people engage with the [Bible], we need to understand where people are starting from."

This infographic from American Bible Society shows where the 100 cities ranked fall in terms of their "Bible-mindedness." Let us know where your community is on the list, and SHARE this fascinating infographic!

(American Bible Society)