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The Most Intriguing Smartphones Still Expected to Be Released This Year

Apple and Samsung still expected to release new devices this year

The Most Intriguing Smartphones Still Expected to Be Released This Year

Some premium smartphones have already made their way to the market this year, but there's more still to come for those seeking the device of their dreams.

There's some variety to the smartphones still to come this year as well, so even those looking for specific elements may find what they want.

Listed below are five of the most intriguing smartphones that could come out before the end of this year.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Another powerhouse phablet could be released as a follow-up to the Galaxy Note 8 | Wikimedia Commons/MichalPL

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is a phablet that can draw plenty of attention to itself with its impressive specs and gargantuan 6.3-inch screen. The device's almost completely bezel-less display is quite eye-catching, too. Serving to make the device more appealing is its processing power that makes it almost seem like a mobile laptop.

A follow-up to the Note 8 is currently rumored to be released this year, and noted tipster Evan Blass recently reported that it already has a codename of "Crown."

Given the level of power that the currently available Note 8 already boasts, there's a good chance that a direct follow-up to it could be a standout in the processing power department as well.

2. New BlackBerry devices

More BlackBerry-branded devices with physical keyboards are expected to be released this year | Wikimedia Commons/DULUOZ

As it turns out, the BlackBerry brand isn't dormant just yet, and the folks from TCL Communications are reportedly looking into bringing more of their devices to the market this year.

According to an earlier report from Tom's Guide, at least two new BlackBerry-branded smartphones are still expected to hit stores this year, and both models may even feature physical keyboards.

If nothing else, the developers of the new BlackBerry devices may be able to take some risks with their upcoming creations, and the end results could be worth checking out.

3. OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 5 on display during a launch day event | Wikimedia Commons/Domdomegg

Many people associate the OnePlus brand with affordable yet high-quality smartphones, and that's why the company's devices have often been seen as good alternatives for those looking to upgrade while staying on a budget.

Per a recent report from Gadgets 360, the rumors currently swirling around the OnePlus 6 are hinting that it may end up being the most expensive smartphone the company has ever released.

It's unclear how people may react to a possible price hike, but they may be more accepting of it if the upgraded features are significant enough.

4. iPhone 2018

A follow-up to the iPhone X is widely expected to be released later this year | Wikimedia Commons/Gregory Varnum

The iPhone X certainly made an impression when it was first announced last year, as the folks at Apple went out of their way to make sure that this device would be able to truly stand out from their previous releases.

Because the iPhone X was on the receiving end of so many innovative additions, it's possible that this year's iPhone may offer more internal upgrades as opposed to entirely new features.

Still, even if significant additions will not be included in this year's Phone, it will likely sell extremely well anyway.

5. Samsung Galaxy X

The rumored Samsung Galaxy X could be launched with a truly unusual feature included | Facebook/Samsung Mobile

Of all the devices included in this list, the rumored Samsung Galaxy X probably has the lowest chance of actually being released this year, but it could also end up being the most innovative.

Rumors have been hinting that the standout feature of the Galaxy X will be its foldable quality.

It will be interesting to see how a foldable smartphone will be perceived by today's consumers.

A device that different has a chance to be lauded for its innovative nature, and it could also turn out to be something people are just not interested in.


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