The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 2 Live Stream Free: Watch Online 'The Genoa Tip' on HBO Go (VIDEO PREVIEW, START TIME)

The Newsroom Season 2 episode 2, The Genoa Tip, airs on HBO on Sunday night, with fans set to enjoy the further unveiling of the story that seems to have gotten the entire ACN newsroom in serious hot water. The episode will air on HBO at 10 p.m. ET and can be watched online later through free live stream (details below).

(Photo: Reuters/Fred Prouser)Aaron Sorkin (L), creator and executive producer, and actors Jeff Daniels (2nd L), Sam Waterston (C), Olivia Munn and Dev Patel (R) arrive for the season 2 premiere of their HBO drama series "The Newsroom" in Hollywood July 10, 2013.

Season 2 Episode 1 was eagerly awaited by fans who were blown away by the premiere season last year, and it did not disappoint. Fans would have noticed that the intro for the new season has changed from that of last season, but the same witty dialogue and quirky, fun storylines between the various elements of the ACN newsroom were still alive and kicking.

Last week the premiere episode of the season saw how Maggie's life took a serious turn for the worse. The "crazy New Yorker" video was posted up on YouTube, and brought to the attention of Don, meaning their relationship is finally well and truly over.

That means just as quickly as Maggie moved into Don's place, she is back out again and apartment sharing with her friend, who is still dating Maggie's true love, Jim.

Jim meanwhile is away from the ACN office, having had a mini mental breakdown over his never-really-starting relationship with Maggie. So he is away filling in for a colleague traveling with the Mitt Romney campaign.

Last week we also learned about the "Genoa Scandal" which is the reason why all the ACN news team is in serious trouble. It appears as though the team reported on a massive scandal that caused the network's ratings to sky rocket, only for them to later be forced to issue a correction – leading to serious legal repercussions for the network and the ACN news night team with Will McAvoy.

The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 2 airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET and can be watched online later through free live stream for those with HBO GO by clicking here.

Here is a video preview of tonight's show.