'The Originals' Final Season Spoilers: EP Teases Caroline and Klaus' Reunion

"Vampire Diaries" star Candice King is set to reprise her role as Caroline Forbes in the final season of spinoff series "The Originals." She is expected to appear in multiple episodes.

Facebook/CWTheOriginalsPromotional photo for "The Originals"

During a Q&A on Twitter, executive producer Julie Plec teased a few details about Caroline's comeback and her eventual reunion with former flame Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan).

"We'll see Caroline several times over the season, and they actually have some really interesting convos about their past dynamic and attraction," Plec said in response. "Seeing it through the prism of Hope's crush on the 'bad boy.' Caroline talks about what drew her to him when she was a teenager."

King was last seen saying goodbye to her on-screen love Paul Wesley who portrays Stefan Salvatore in the original series. As she was doing so, she opened a note from Klaus which read: "However long it takes." The narrator then continued with, "That's the beginning of another story," which ignited rumors of a reunion.

It might, however, be too early to get excited about romance. Though it is undeniable that the pair have chemistry, a relationship is still unclear. Nevertheless, Klaroline fans are thankful for bringing the ship back for one last time.

This season, viewers will get to see what everyone probably loves about Klaus —his being a paradox. Through Twitter, Plec shared that viewers will get to see both sides of the Original Hybrid. Through Twitter, Plec told a fan that viewers will get to see the "angry, paranoid, despairing" version of him as well as the Klaus who "longs for (but does not believe he'll ever have) unconditional love."

Last but not the least, the exec said that the ending will be tragic yet beautiful and hopeful at the same time.

The final season of "The Originals" is slated to air sometime next year.