'The Originals' Season 4 Episode 9: A Character Death Looming?

(Photo: YouTube/The CW Television Network)A screenshot from the promo for "The Originals" season 4, episode 9, "Queen Death."

Defeating the Hollow won't feel like much of a victory as the Mikaelsons will have to suffer a loss. The family will attempt to come to terms to this reality in the next episode of "The Originals" season 4.

As revealed in the previous episode of the supernatural drama, one of them has to die as some sort of a sacrificial lamb in order to get rid of the Hollow once and for all.

Per the synopsis for "The Originals" season 4, episode 9, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) will do what is needed to beat the enemy, even if it requires a sacrifice.

This is after the Hollow sends a "terrifying message" to Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), which leads him to seek the help of the abovementioned duo.

From the looks of it, Freya and Hayley are willing to make that sacrifice in "The Originals" season 4, episode 9. As to who that will be remains to be seen.

Fans are worried about Elijah (Daniel Gillies) since he was attacked by the Hollow in the final moments of the previous installment.

Viewers are worried that he will end up being the sacrificial lamb, which would mean killing off the beloved character, something that many "The Originals" fans would not want.

Thankfully, for Klaus (Joseph Morgan), there is another way of defeating the Hollow without sacrificing one's life. He must only find it, which is exactly what he'll try to do in "The Originals" season 4, episode 9.

The synopsis suggests that he will look to the unlikeliest of places to seek help. Although death might not be necessary, his plan comes with a sacrifice as well in the sense that it will change the Mikaelson family forever.

Will Klaus play hero and take the fall? Fans will find out when "The Originals" season 4, episode 9, "Queen Death," airs Friday, May 19, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.