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'The Paper Magician' News: Disney to Make Charlie Holmberg's Trilogy into a Movie

'The Paper Magician' News: Disney to Make Charlie Holmberg's Trilogy into a Movie

Charlie N. Holmberg's book trilogy "The Paper Magician" will soon have a Disney touch to it after the company acquired the rights to give the story a movie version.

The movie adaptation of "The Paper Magician" will be executively produced by Allison Shearmur, who also produced the "Hunger Games" franchise, the live-action feature of Cinderella shown last year, and the upcoming "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story."

While it's true that the story of "The Paper Magician" bears some similarities to the "Harry Potter" series, as both involve a young wizard attending a school for magicians, the similarities end there as the story of "The Paper Magician" unfolds in a much different way.

"The Paper Magician" follows the story of Ceony Twill, a young girl studying in the Tagis Praff School. In this school, young magicians are taught to animate manmade materials. With Ceony Twill getting demoted to work on learning paper magic, despite her desire to work with materials made of metal, the young girl is left disappointed. However, with her life and that of her mentor's being put into jeopardy upon the rise of a powerful evil magician, Ceony Twill unleashes her new powers that she was initially unaware of.

"The Paper Magician" is the first in a series of three written by Holmberg, published by 47North in September 2014.

Just two months after "The Paper Magician" was released, the next book in the series, "The Glass Magician," hit the shelves, too. "The Glass Magician" follows the adventures of Ceony Twill in her quest to become a Folder, which follows the events three months after she returned the heart of Magician Emery Thane to her body.

In June last year, the last book in the series, "The Master Magician," was also released. The book follows the events in Ceony Twill's life as her study in the Tagis Praff School is nearing its end. In this story, Ceony Twill face san escapee criminal who seeks vengeance against her and her loved ones and possesses a magic that she doesn't have.


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