The Rascals Reunited by Steven Van Zandt

E Street Band's Steven Van Zandt has reunited the iconic soul group the Rascals for a string of Broadway performances, according to reports this week.

Initially known as The Young Rascals, the blue-eyed soul group started in 1965 and released dozens of number-one songs including "Good Lovin," "Groovin," and "A Beautiful Morning."

The original lineup will reunite for the special shows, which will combine a live performance with theatrical elements. Entitled "Once Upon a Dream," the concert will run for 15 dates beginning in April, according to the Associated Press.

Commandeering the reunion, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band guitarist Van Zandt explained the influence the Rascals had on him as a young musician. The 62-year-old said that he saw the Rascals live in 1962 at a concert that Springsteen also attended; they had not yet met at the time.

"They were phenomenal live," Van Zandt told AP. "Really quite different than anybody else. And very, very influential to this day."

Anxious to express his gratitude for the Rascals 48 years later, Van Zandt has given the four man band a place on Broadway after past attempts to briefly reunite the band.

"The musical depth is astounding when you get into it," explained the guitarist to MSN Music. "The Rascals are something else. They're up there with the Beatles, and Stones and Byrds. That level of musicality."

Van Zandt facilitated the reunion through a Kickstarter project and with the support and donations from fans and friends.

"This is my thanks to them," the guitarist posted to his Twitter followers. "Without them maybe we don't exist. I've never asked for anything. I'm asking you to join me."

"It turned out to be the right moment," added Van Zandt of what he deemed a "bio concert" in the upcoming Rascals show.

Van Zandt is not the only excited Rascals fan, and many music lovers are sounding off on Twitter this week about the upcoming reunion.

"The Rascals on now," posted Mats. "Look forward to the Broadway reunion."