The Redneck Gospel?

 A South Carolina megachurch is using humor to help reach people with the gospel in a new "Redneck" sermon series that began last weekend.

"Throughout the Bible there are stories of men (and some women) that are willing to do whatever it takes to get something done. This is very much the mentality of a Redneck," an emailed statement from NewSpring Church says. "We're going through stories together as a church and talking about how we too can and should do whatever it takes to share the Gospel."

The first message in the series is available online and shows the church's band opening their set with the Southern rock hit "Sweet Home Alabama" before delving into praise and worship songs. Clayton King, the church's teaching pastor who preached in the place of senior pastor Perry Noble on Sunday, also took a few minutes at the beginning of his sermon to introduce a few redneck items he owns, including some professional wrestling action figures.