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'The Remaining' Review: Biblical Horror Film Offers Terrifying Cautionary Tale

'The Remaining' Review: Biblical Horror Film Offers Terrifying Cautionary Tale

The Remaining | (Photo: Motive Marketing Biz/The Remaining)

Christians and non-believers alike will gain a new perspective on the Rapture after watching Sony/Affirm Film's "The Remaining."

In theaters everywhere this Friday, Sept. 5, the Casey La Scala-directed film stars Alexa PenaVega, formerly of "SpyKids," as well as "The Vampire Diaries" star Johnny Pacar and Shaun Sipos, among others. Since the horror film is also a Christian one, "The Remaining" is the first of its kind and offers something for every moviegoer. Horror films appeal to universal audiences of thrill-seekers, but "The Remaining" adds a special element by incorporating a colorful translation of Revelation 8-9.

From the start, the film depicts an alarmingly realistic scenario that involves a group of five friends celebrating a wedding when apocalyptic events leave them scrambling for safety. After the skies darken, those with faith are taken to Heaven while non-believers are left on Earth as boulder-sized hail falls, locusts swarm, and fallen angels attack. After finding shelter, the group is forced to make up their own minds about their faith, and ultimately, their fate.

In another refreshingly authentic touch, the group of 20-something friends in "The Remaining" each have personalities and attitudes that strikingly resemble that of many real-life young adults today. The audience is able to take a vested interest in each character, and the acting quality far exceeds many other Christian films.

While the bride, Skyler, is a Christian, she initially treats her faith as if going through the motions just to appease her God-loving parents. Skyler's husband also admits that he exaggerated his faith just to gain her parents' approval and marry Skyler. A third friend mocks Christian traditions and refuses to see any signs of God during the film. However, toward the end of "The Remaining," each character comes to their own realization of what is happening around them.

The Christian-themed film is chock full of high-quality special effects that are sure to thrill audiences this summer. More importantly, "The Remaining" offers a stark reminder of what is written in the Bible, and many moviegoers will leave with a new look on life, and possibly their faith, too. Watch the trailer for "The Remaining" here.


"The Remaining"
Rated PG-13
Opens: Friday, September 5
Alexa PenaVega, Johnny Pacar
Directed by Casey La Scala


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