The Resurgence, Tyndale House Team Up in Publishing Partnership

The Resurgence, a ministry that provides training resources for Christians, is expanding its reach by teaming up with Tyndale House Publishers to form a new publishing imprint, Resurgence Publishing.

As a part of the new agreement, Tyndale will publish all future books written by Mark Driscoll, preaching and vision pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, who has penned works that include the bestselling Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together and the more recently released Who Do You Think You Are?: Finding Your True Identity in Christ.

"Tyndale and Resurgence are about as close as you can get to a perfect match," Driscoll wrote in a recent blog post. "For our part, we produce a ton of content – books, study guides, curriculums – and Tyndale offers a unique combination of theological integrity, practical knowledge, and industry experience that is rare in the world of Christian publishing."

The Resurgence, which started as a leadership blog in 2006, is a ministry of Mars Hill Church and has published nearly 30 books since 2008, of which more than 750,000 copies have been sold. The ministry's books were formerly published under the "Re:Lit" imprint.

Justin Dean, communications director for the ministry, says the partnership with Tyndale will allow The Resurgence to reach a much wider audience with its message. "The more that these books sell, and the more hands that they reach, the more people can hear about Jesus ultimately," Dean told The Christian Post on Thursday.

Ron Beers, senior vice president for Tyndale, said in a press release that his company is honored to work with The Resurgence. "Resurgence and Mars Hill are known for engaging culture with biblical truth – no easy task these days," said Beers. "They do this with excellence, and in highly creative ways without compromising the biblical message. This is also Tyndale's sweet spot, and together I hope and pray that we will be used by the Holy Spirit to help spark a resurgence of genuine faith in our country and in other countries around the world."

Between five and seven books will likely be published each year under the Resurgence brand, beginning with a debut book by Driscoll titled, simply, Resurgence. The book will be a call to return to "Jesus-centered Christianity" in a nation where the Christian worldview is no longer predominant, a press release states.

Resurgence is expected to be released in November to coincide with the second annual Resurgence Conference, R13.

As its new partnership with Tyndale House takes off, The Resurgence is also taking the opportunity to recruit authors, and has created an online author application page where book proposals can be submitted.