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The Science of Ultrasound Is on Life's Side!

The Science of Ultrasound Is on Life's Side!

A radio host in Detroit told me he was shocked one day when a caller referred to his child as a "carbon unit." Yes, a carbon unit. That's how a dad talked about his own kid.

But this is not much different than referring to a baby in the womb as a "mass of cells" or comparing it to a tumor that needs to be removed.

In fact, this is the very mentality that underlies the pro-abortion movement: That child in the womb, growing and developing and moving and kicking, looking more and more like mom or dad (or both) by the day, is not a human being. It is a thing, an appendage to be expelled if not wanted. As expressed by pro-abortion feminist Florence Thomas (speaking of her abortion in France in the mid-1960s), she felt "a relief. An immense relief. This tumor went away, disappeared. I could go back to living."

Really now, if the fetus is nothing more than a mass of cells, a tumor, then the baby (or even the adult) is nothing more than a carbon unit.

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