'The Sims 4' Rumors: Players May Have to Wait Until Next Year for the Next 'Stuff Pack'

Next 'Stuff Pack' released could be the 'Eco Living Stuff Pack'
The Sims official websiteLast month's 'Toddler Stuff Pack' may have been the final 'Stuff Pack' released this year for 'The Sims 4'

While there are still a few months left in 2017, it looks like "The Sims 4" players will have to go through them with no new "Stuff Packs" to tide them over.

A new blog post on the game's official website caught the eyes of the folks from SimsCommunity, due in part to the image that was used for it.

Apparently, the main image used for the article had been coded under "SP13," which was significant for a few reasons.

First off, that line of code indicated that the community-driven "Stuff Pack" featured in the post was the 13th one that would be released, following the 12th "Stuff Pack," the "Toddler Stuff Pack," that was made available last month.

On top of that, the presence of that particular line of code also seemingly revealed that there was no other "Stuff Pack" due out this year. Even though the community-driven "Stuff Pack" has no exact release date just yet, the expectation is that it will be made available sometime next year.

There may still be some good news here for "The Sims 4" players, however, as developers shared that development of the aforementioned "Stuff Pack" is already "in full swing," so even if it may not arrive until 2018, it may still be released pretty close to the beginning of the year.

Players can also still vote for which icon will be used to represent this new "Stuff Pack."

Also, even if there are no more additional "Stuff Packs" due out in 2017, there is still one major expansion coming in November in the form of "Cats & Dogs." To be more specific, players can look forward to interacting with virtual pets as soon as the expansion is officially released on Nov. 10.

More news about the "Stuff Packs" and expansions coming to "The Sims 4" should be made available soon.