'The Sinner' : Jessica Biel Spotted in NYC After Filming Episodes; New Storyline Details Revealed

REUTERS/Mario AnzuoniJessica Biel's big comeback on television is via the crime and psychological drama "The Sinner."

Jessica Biel has been spotted out and about in New York City after filming a few episodes for the upcoming suspense drama "The Sinner."

 On Thursday, the 35-year-old was seen taking a stroll in the Big Apple and she was all smiles as she ran into a friend. Biel is currently filming the first few episodes of her new series, "The Sinner," which officially marks her major TV comeback.

The former "7th Heaven" actress is gracing the small screen once again, but she will be taking a trip to the dark side. The series will focus on an ordinary housewife named Cora Tannetti, who brutally kills a man and forgets everything that happened.

Spoiler reports note that on the outside, Cora appears to have a normal life. She is loved by her husband and child, and she excels in her job. What most people around her don't know is that she is hiding a dark secret.

During a beach getaway with her family, Cora stabs a man in the neck — a gruesome crime she commits in front of everyone, including her beloved husband and child. Things get complicated when she insists that she does not know the victim and she is not aware of her actions.

Biel recently caught up with E! News and she teased that Cora will wind up in prison, but her troubles will not end there. She will continue to battle her internal demons while serving her sentence.

"I think that she believes that when she commits that crime and she's in prison, now she's almost safe. It's over," Biel continued. "She doesn't have to pretend anymore. There's a relief. It's easier to be here than it is to live in the real world."

"The Sinner" premieres Wednesday, Aug. on USA Network.