The Story Behind No-Makeup November

 A group of young Christian women have decided to take on "No Makeup November," a nationwide campaign dubbed as a call to arms in order to embrace their natural beauty by abstaining from wearing makeup for the entire month.

Rave Ministries is behind the initiative for its second year and has about 4,000 participants in 37 states and seven countries. The idea came about when Becca Daniel, leader of the organization, took a cue from a Florida-based girl who posted videos during her 40-day no makeup journey in 2012.

"This campaign in no way is an anti-makeup campaign, because let it be known that it is not the makeup that we are battling. Instead, it is a culture that we are trying to fight. A culture that tells our young girls, mothers, and yes, even grandmothers that they are not close to being good enough," says the organization through their website.