The Struggle to Forgive a Parent

 Leslie Leyland Fields, an Alaska-based author and public speaker, overcame the emotional hurt she latched onto for over 20 years due to her father's abuse by forgiving him in his old age before he passed. After longing to be free from her hatred towards him, Fields began the difficult journey of forgiveness as she illustrates in her latest book, Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers: Finding Freedom from Hurt and Hate.

Drawing from her personal experience along with the clinical perspective of Southern California-based psychologist, Jill Hubbard, Fields writes about the power in letting go of resentment and returning the power of judgment against a mother or father to God.

She emphasizes that individuals should forgive their parents and that no one is exempt from being pardoned since God Himself bestows mercy upon everyone. Fields writes that even though a person grapples with deep hurt it is possible to become capable of honoring parents.