'The Voice' Semi Finals: Contestant Christian Cuevas Delivers Powerful Worship Performance (Watch)

(Photo: Youtube/The Voice)Christian Cuevas graced "The Voice" semifinals stage with an unforgettable performance of the Israel & New Breed song, "To Worship You I Live."

Christian Cuevas graced "The Voice" semifinals stage with an unforgettable performance of the Israel & New Breed song, "To Worship You I Live."

The young singer was not shy to express his faith through his music on Monday night's Top 8 semifinal competition on NBC's "The Voice." He told his coach, R&B superstar Alicia Keys, that his song choice is a favorite of his new fiancee, whom he met in church.

The young performer kicked off his performance playing the acoustic guitar and singing words of adoration to God.

Away away from the noise

alone with you

away away to hear your voice

and meet with you

nothing else matters my one desire is

To worship you I live

to worship you I live, I live to worship you (X2)

Cuevas then proceeded to sing the chorus in Spanish and switched from the main stage to an off shoot stage on the left. He said on the show that he learned to speak Spanish from his grandmother.

The acoustic performance became chilling once Cuevas was joined by a choir of people standing below him dressed in all white. He switched back into the English version and footage of his judge Keys proudly singing along was shown.

After finishing the song, Cuevas had tears streaming down his face and was overcome by emotion as he sung praise and led others to join him as a worship leader would at a Sunday church service.

Cuevas' rendition of the gospel song has already reached No. 8 on the iTunes singles chart and is in the top 10 overall. The downloads will add votes to his total.

Once the video was uploaded on Youtube, fans began to praise the 20-year-old for his performance.

"He turned the talent show competition into a church service," a Youtuber said.

Another added, "You just used your platform to make Jesus famous! Win or lose...congratulations sir"

Someone else maintained, "This is the first time where I feel like Christian is in his lane. He was born to do gospel/ contemporary music and sing for the Lord! God bless you Christian."

After the presentation, coach Adam Levine told Cuevas that his ability to wear his emotions on his sleeve is an admirable quality for an artist.

"I'm so proud of you, Christian," Keys added while commending the singer for spreading goodness and light through his music. "It was a beautiful, gorgeous performance."

On Tuesday night, Cuevas will find out whether he got enough audience votes — via app, Twitter and iTunes downloads — to advance to next week's Final 4 competition.

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