'The Walking Dead' News: Creator Says Telltale Characters Won't Appear on TV Series

Facebook/TheWalkingDeadAMC'The Walking Dead' season 8 premieres Oct. 22 on AMC.

No characters from the Telltale gaming series will appear on "The Walking Dead" TV series. This report was confirmed by series creator Robert Kirkman amidst reports that AMC will hold crossovers to combine the characters of "The Walking Dead" and its spinoff series, "Fear the Walking Dead."

"The Walking Dead" TV series is based on the 2003 Image Comics series, which was adapted into a video game in 2012. Since Telltale brought the fan-favorite comics series to consoles in 2012, the game has had several seasons, each telling stories that are entirely different from the ones in the source material.

At this year's New York Comic-Con, Kirkman talked about the highly anticipated AMC/Telltale crossover and debunked rumors that some characters from "The Walking Dead" video game would cross over to the TV series. Responding to the inquiry, he gave a firm "nope."

Fans of the franchise have been looking forward to seeing some of the characters from the Telltale game to appear on the TV series, primarily because the video game version introduced a barrage of fresh faces that have never been part of either the comic book series or the TV series. Aside from characters, the Telltale game also introduced new stories that have never been told on the AMC show.

Despite Kirkman's recent statement, some fans still hope that things will change. It can be recalled that in a previous interview, the series creator said it would be almost impossible for a "Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead" crossover to happen. However, it is already happening now, with some characters already confirmed to hop between the two AMC series. Just this past weekend, Kirkman confirmed at the Comic-Con that the "Fear the Walking Dead" and "The Walking Dead" creators are already working on a future crossover.

"The Walking Dead" season 8 will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 22 on AMC.