'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Netflix Release Date Set for Fall 2014

"The Walking Dead" season 4 Netflix release date will most likely be in the fall of 2014 as it will probably be available right before season 5 debuts.

Fans are scouring the net wanting to know when AMC will let them watch again via the online streaming service. The network basically has to hold out in order to allow for their Blu-ray and DVD versions to sell. If Netflix had it up, less people would be inclined to purchase a physical copy.

The fourth season of the hit zombie apocalypse series concluded last night in a huge cliffhanger that involved Rick Grimes and some of the other main characters being captured in a town called Terminus which they originally through was sanctuary. Fans will have to wait until the fall to see what happens, and with Tyrese and Carol still free, there is a chance that the others can be rescued.

Season 4 ended on somewhat of a high note after a slew of episodes focused on character building aired during the second half. The first half of season 4 completed the Governor story arc, which began in the beginning of season 3.

Various AMC shows appear on Netflix right before the new season is about to air including "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men." The sixth season of "Mad Men" is now available on the streaming service as the final season will begin in just a few weeks.

The first part of "Breaking Bad" season 5 hit Netflix right before the second part started.

Those who cannot wait until right before "The Walking Dead" season 5 premiere will have to go out and purchase the DVD and Blu-ray sets to get their fix on Rick, the walkers and the rest of the gang.