The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Breaks Breaking Bad Finale Figures: 16 Million Viewers Tune In

The Walking Dead season 4 premiere garnered higher ratings than the Breaking Bad season finale.

According to, the season 4 premiere had 16 million viewers tuned in the 18 to 49 age range demographic.

Breaking Bad's series finale had a whopping 10.3 million viewers tune in over the same demographic.

In comparison, the show's season 4 finale had 1.9 million viewers, which is why Walking Dead's premiere is so incredible.

The premiere had more viewers than any NFL game this season, Fool reports.

The first episode had its up and downs, but the highs were action packed sequences like the show has never seen before.

Episode one introduced a host of new characters in a new situation for the main cast.

New showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, took over for Glen Mazzara who arrived halfway through season two and finished up three. Gimple meanwhile, is responsible for penning some of the show's best episodes such as "Pretty Much Dead Already" and "Clear."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly he said he is "excited" for upcoming episodes that are ripped straight from the comic books.

"You know that the show and the comic book are in very different places, so in some ways we can't do exactly what was in the comic book in many ways. But the way I look upon it is that it's sort of like a remix of the comic books," Gimple said. "Some of the things will be very direct as we move forward. A lot of things will just be kind of the same content but in different contexts - different characters doing some of the things we saw in the comic books, situations from the comic book, but sort of in different locations, involving different people."

Gimple will bring the zombies back to the forefront, and when asked whether there will be a difference between a group of zombies and a full herd by EW, he replied:

"I will say an emphatic 'yes.' It will be very, very noticeable in the first few episodes. I don't want to sell that the population density of walkers in the world is, like, insane - like you can't walk through the forest without experiencing tons and tons and tons of zombies. The flip side is, we will see some herding. We will see some very arresting examples of how zombies own the world now."

He continued, "A non-frightening zombie is a lame zombie...there's been some pretty horrible stuff, some very scary stuff, some imagery that is highly unpleasant in an awesome way."

He also revealed that secondary characters such as Beth, Carol, and Tyreese will be stepping up in a major way as main characters.

Episode two of season 4 will air on AMC at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday.