'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: 'We Are Going to Get in So Much Trouble'

At this year's comic-con festival in New York, which took place this past weekend, a panel of "Walking Dead" stars and producers gathered to talk the show, answer fan questions and provide some teasers and spoilers for the upcoming season of the hit AMC show. Read on to see what spoilers were revealed.

Actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the show, was unapologetic when revealing a certain spoiler.

"Chandler (Carl) is going to kick a--. Wait for episode 9. There's a spoiler. I don't care. I've just said it," the actor said, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Lincoln also spoke about reading scripts of future episodes and being deeply affected. He spoke about how he needed to reach out after reading them as he was "so disturbed."

"I was trying to call everybody because I needed to speak to a human voice. We are going to get in so much trouble in this episode," the actor said.

Executive producer Scott Gimple also provided some spoilers, particularly about the character Carol.

"This season, we've seen her in the trailers teaching kids about knives. She had a daughter that died, and there's a lot of kids in this prison now. She's making sure that she herself is not a victim. She's also making sure the kids aren't victims," the executive producer said.

Scott Gimple also provided some spoilers previously when he spoke to TV Guide, explaining what he thinks the overall theme for season four will be.

"The theme for this season is, 'Are we too far gone? Can we go back to the people we were? Can we enjoy life, have close relationships, and can we even love anymore?' Even though they've found some kind of stability, they have a lot of challenges," Gimple said.