There Will Never Be Total Equality in America

I don't venture too much into politics in my writing… or even in my own personal thought life. I really just don't care; which is probably due to my young age and my ignorance about the political terminology being thrown around in the news. But the recent talk of Arizona's SB1062 and other changes in legislature regarding gay marriage (and the twitter warfare among a few high profile Christians surrounding them all) has finally got me thinking on these things.

As I've seen people (Christians) like Kirsten Powers and Jonathan Merritt advocating against SB1062, and others advocating in favor of SB1062 (the more popular Christian response to these issues), I've tried to step back and objectively see things from both perspectives. And as I've done that, I've found that I sympathize with both sides.

From a secular worldview, which does not adhere to Christian doctrine or Christian morality, it would most certainly be discriminatory to be denied service based on sexual/relational gender preference. Because based on this worldview, sexual/relational gender preference is morally neutral.

From a Christian worldview, being forced by law to provide service-like baking a wedding cake for a ceremony celebrating behavior that the teaching of their faith says is morally damnable- would most certainly be discriminatory against their religious convictions.

So the question is…. which is more important? Gay rights or religious rights? For Christians, we would say religious. While unbelievers would obviously say the former. Both sides have different worldviews with different beliefs regarding morality and 'life priorities.' The Christian views honoring God as top priority, while the secular man/woman views being happy and doing good to others as top priority. One side views their sexuality as being a priority player in their identity, the other side views God's revealed truth as being a priority player in their identity. We have different ideas of what parts of our lives are worthy of "legal protection."

And this will always be the case.

There will always be a tension surrounding issues like these while differing worldviews exist. What affirms one person in one worldview offends another holding another worldview. Christianity will almost always clash with every other worldview when it comes to sexuality and romance.

So what's the solution? What do Christian bakers do when presented with a request to bake a cake for a gay couple? Honestly… if it were me, I would just bake the stupid cake and view it as an opportunity to form a friendship with them and share the gospel and worldview that I hold so dearly. I wouldn't see my service to them equal to an affirmation of their behavior.

But, if the Christian baker does not want to provide service….. why can't the gay couple just say "to hell with them" and go to another baker? There are way more secular people who own secular-run companies than there are Christian people who own Christian-run companies. The pickings aren't slim. Just go somewhere else.

Religious people need to realize they can't force gay/non-religious people to take on their worldview and gay/non-religious people need to realize they can't force religious people into their worldview. Nor can the government ever effectively legislate "morality"-because everyone's "morality scale" is different, depending on their worldview.
I'm not writing this blog to propose a solution…. I don't have one. I'm just expressing the fact that the only time that all of humanity will have the same worldview is when God-in-the-flesh, Jesus Christ, steps back into this realm and establishes His Kingdom once and for all. On that Day, the arguing will cease because the Truth will be undeniably visible and known to all.

Until then, we as Christians need to get along the best we can, show the most respect we can, share the gospel as much as we can, and remember that our citizenship is ultimately in heaven…. not the USA.

This article was originally was published on Matt Moore's blog.

Matt Moore is a Christian blogger who was formerly engaged in a gay lifestyle. You can read more about him at