Things I Personally Have a Hard Time Doing

We all have struggles…I could actually write a book about mine…but here are a few things that I have a hard time doing…

#1 – Shutting My Mind Down!

I can't do it!

AND…it is especially frustrating when I get up to go to the restroom at 1 or 2 in the morning and when I lay back down in bed my mind begins to think about something I've read or an upcoming sermon and…BAM…it's over. I will lie awake in bed for the next 2-3 hours so angry at myself and thinking, "Dude, just close your eyes and go to sleep…it can't be that hard!"

One thing that HAS helped is that I always have something nearby to write ideas down…that way I know they are there and I can let my mind rest afterwards.

#2 – Having Fun!

One of the biggest regrets I have in the past 10 years is that I haven't enjoyed life as much as I think I could have…I refused to allow myself to have fun because I thought that in doing so I somehow was being lazy and failing as a leader.

THEN…as I began to get away a little more and do things I enjoyed I discovered that doing so really energized me…and in those times I would get hit with ideas and concepts seemingly out of nowhere. It's unbelievable what the Lord will do in our lives if we will just learn to enjoy this life He has called us to live.

#3 – Resting

This kind of goes along with the one I mentioned above…but I used to be the guy who said, "The devil never takes a day off…why should I?" I am so glad that a mentor of mine took the time to tell me that the devil wasn't supposed to be my example!

The longest command in the 10 commandments is the one on rest…yet it seems to be the one I believe most leaders struggle with the most. Most of the time because we either don't trust God OR we think we are actually the Messiah instead of Him!

#4 – Being Wherever I Am

I am SO guilty of being at dinner with Lucretia and, while she is telling me about her day I am completely disconnected from her and still thinking about work! (It is really weird when I get called out on this!) I have had to learn to fight mentally to be WITH her when I am with her!

#5 – Celebrating What God Has Done

It's crazy…God will do something HUGE and instead of celebrating I will, often times, be thinking about the next big thing. I believe there should be a level of anticipation as leaders; however, as our levels of celebration increase I believe it will allow us to have greater anticipation of what is next…but anticipation of the future without celebration of the past has always caused anxiety in my life…not freedom.

Those are just some things I wrestle with…whew…I hope you feel more normal now.

Perry Noble is the founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. The church averages 26,000 people during weekend services at multiple campuses throughout the state. Noble, his wife Lucretia and their daughter Charisse live in Anderson, South Carolina. You can read all of Perry's unfiltered thoughts about life and leadership at