This Autistic Man Can't Read or Speak, But Watch Him Build Anything You Can (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Mikey Hamm/YouTube)

Brad Fremmerlid is 25 and has a severe form of autism that's made him unable to read or speak. But the Edmonton, Alberta resident can easily build about anything from a set of instructions. If that doesn't sound like a big deal, you've probably never assembled (or tried to assemble) IKEA furniture.

"I could give him a complex LEGO Technic project, up to 1,000 pieces, with over 100 pages of instructions – and without any help at all, he'll simply open up the box, go through the instructions," his dad Mark told the Global News. "And he'll build it perfectly."

Brad honed his skill through years of practice. Over the past 20 years, he's built approximately 2,000 projects.

To give Brad a future with his unique talent, Mark started Made By Brad, a business where his son builds things for others. The endeavor will also give Brad the opportunity to "feel a sense of accomplishment, and be an active part of the community."

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